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I typically open my books two to three times a year, and generally schedule 3-6 months out at a time. I will post a link
in my Instagram bio during my open book period.

I give priority scheduling to black and grey pre-drawn designs (one-offs and flash pieces), followed by continuations
of in-progress projects. When booking new custom projects, I look for proposals that align with the style(s) presented
in my portfolio (generally black and grey work but I do accept color pieces on occasion).

I will not be able to accept every booking request, but my assistant or I will send every inquiry a response.


I offer free consultations for custom work, specifically larger projects and more detailed work. I will schedule your
consultation before your tattoo appointment so that we may agree on the price, number of sessions, and the overall
design. Consultations may be virtual (Instagram messenger) or in-person (so I may take measurements/photos of the
tattoo area), and typically last 10-30 minutes.


A deposit is required to hold your spot (for pre-drawn designs) and/or start your drawing (for custom pieces). The
deposit is non-refundable and valid for one year, and will apply towards the total cost at the end. Other important
things to note:
-If you cancel your appointment or no-show, you will not receive your deposit back
-In the event of your first reschedule, your deposit will be applied to the new date
-A second reschedule of your appointment will require a second deposit
-Deposits may be sent through Venmo, PayPal, or Square
-Small tattoo deposits are $100
-Large tattoo deposits are generally $100-300


I price tattoos by the piece for small tattoos, and larger projects (anything larger than a hand) is hourly, such as thigh
pieces, sleeves, back pieces, etc. The price of your tattoo will be discussed at your consultation (if applicable), or will
be relayed to you once you get to your appointment and we decide on the final size. I do not always accept projects
that involve adding to, fixing, re-working, or covering another artist’s work; if I do, I charge $250/hr for these projects.

-Palm-size pieces are approximately $200-350
-Hand size pieces are approximately $400-600
-Minimum: $200

-Hourly rate: $200/hr.


Please let me know at your consultation if you are working with a specified budget and I am happy to design andwork within those parameters.


I do not send custom designs before appointments. We will review your design at the first scheduled appointment,
and will have time to make any minor changes and adjustments. Any major changes will require a reschedule (to
allow ample time to rework the design).

For custom work, be sure to communicate any specific things you want included in the design on your booking form
and/or at your consultation. I work best when I am allowed complete artistic freedom to draw in my style and will not
copy other artist’s work.


I require a notice of at least 48 hours (by email or Instagram DM) in the event of a general cancellation or reschedule.
If you do not notify me within this time frame you will lose your deposit and I will require another deposit to rebook
your appointment. If I do not have any open spots for that booking period, then you must wait until my books open
again to get a replacement appointment.

I allow only one “free” reschedule for each appointment; an additional reschedule will require another deposit to hold
that spot. I have a “three strikes” rule: after your third reschedule, I will no longer book you as a client going forward.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment time, I will require you to reschedule. Please be
advised that being late to your appointment may impact whether I can finish your piece in the allotted time and you
may be required to schedule an additional session. If you no-show to your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit
and will not be re-booked.

Please notify me within 24-48 hours of your appointment if you are sick (head cold, stomach flu, etc.) or have tested
positive for COVID-19, or have recently been in contact with someone who has as I will require you to reschedule
your appointment for both of our safety. You can DM me on Instagram for the quickest response, or send me an
email. I am extremely flexible with rescheduling in the event of sickness!

Before Your Appointment

-Get a good night’s rest before, if possible
-Stay well-hydrated
-Eat a meal at least 2 hours before (to help help with your blood sugar levels.
-Moisturize your skin in the desired location of your tattoo with lotion in the days/weeks leading up to your
appointment, and stay out of the sun (I cannot tattoo sun-damaged skin)
-Please come alone to your appointment; I do not allow guests.
-Please bring a valid ID/passport for your paperwork

Please keep in mind the location of your tattoo when getting dressed before your appointment; bring something 
comfortable to change into if needed, as we may need to roll up your sleeve/pant leg/etc. It is best for my working process if I have complete access to the area we are working on (for example a flannel/cardigan/light jacket is ideal for working on the chest/sternum/ back area; please ask if you need instruction on what to wear for a specific area and I would be happy to help). I will provide chest pasties for free to anyone who requests them.

-A light jacket or sweater
-A face mask if desired
-Headphones (I have no problem working in silence, let me know if would like a silent appointment)
-Light snacks (or lunch for longer sessions, you may also order food if needed)
-Water in a closable container and or other drinks for hydration

-Please come alone to your appointment; I do not allow guests (unless approved beforehand)
-Please arrive at your appointment time, or no earlier than 5-10 minutes before!

At Your Appointment

Cash is preferred for tattoo payments. I will also accept Venmo, PayPal and card (there is a 4% processing fee on the
total for all card payments). I do not accept any form of pre-payments for tattoos other than deposits.

Tips are not factored into the total cost; tipping is not expected but is always encouraged and appreciated. Average
tipping amounts are usually 10-40% of the total tattoo price (this includes the deposit), but you are of course able to
tip whatever you feel comfortable.

I will discuss aftercare options with you after your tattoo and help you decide which is the best for you (but feel free to
ask me any questions before if they come up). I use two methods to heal tattoos, the first is the traditional method
(washing with antibacterial soap 2-3x daily and applying Eucerin Original Healing Cream after every wash) and the
second is an adhesive skin bandage that stays on for 3-5 days (the brand I use is called RecoveryDerm).


All tattoos (except for those on the hand and finger) will come with one free touch up within one year, but I usually
recommend within six months for best results. After one year, I charge my minimum ($100) to touch up smaller
tattoos and hand/finger tattoos, and my hourly rate ($200/hour) for larger tattoos. You must wait at least 4-6 weeks to
get a new tattoo touched up, and you may send me an email or Instagram DM to schedule and I will fit you into my
soonest open gap.


If you have an appointment scheduled and need to contact me for any reason, Instagram DM is usually the quickest
way to get in touch. You may also e-mail me at my work address: Please make sure to
communicate any questions/concerns you have with me at any point in the tattoo process, from booking to aftercare.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you keep a waitlist?


I do not keep a waitlist; I recommend following my Instagram page for the most up to date booking info. 


I missed your open booking date, can I still submit a booking request?


I unfortunately do not accept booking requests outside of my open booking window.


How much do you charge?


I price tattoos by the piece: smaller pieces (about hand size or smaller) are based on the design, and larger projects are hourly. My hourly rate is $200/hr.


Do you do cover-ups or re-works of older tattoos you didn’t do? Do you finish other tattoos that you didn’t do?


I do cover-ups and re-works on a case by case basis. I do not finish incomplete tattoos started by another artist.


Do you do touch-ups on your tattoos?


Yes! Every tattoo comes with one free touch-up (the one exception to this rule is any tattoos on hands or fingers, there is a $100 minimum to touch up these locations). You must use your free touch-up within one year of the original tattoo date (except for any tattoos done at a convention or guest spot), but I usually recommend within the first six months for best results.


Can I bring a guest with me to my appointment?


I kindly ask that you come alone to your appointment; this helps eliminate distractions so that the client and I can both focus on the tattoo. If you have any concerns about this, please notify me before your appointment.


Do you tattoo minors?


I do not tattoo anyone under 18.


Do you do conventions/guest spots in other cities?


Yes! I love to travel and tattoo. I post my travel plans on my Instagram and on my website’s “Bookings” page.
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Contact Me


All Sacred Tattoo
7700 W 44th Ave Unit 2
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


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